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11th Hours on "State of Society" were held February 7 and 28 after Meeting for Worship

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Worship & Ministry led 11th Hours on the "State of Society" on February 7 and 28 following Meeting for Worship.

A State of Society report is "a searching self-examination by the Meeting and its members of their spiritual strengths and weaknesses and of the efforts made to foster growth in the spiritual life".

Queries for the discussion include:

How is our meeting a community where we experience a depth of Devine Presence and transforming power?

How can we deepen/enhance/fulfill this aspect of our life together? For children? For newcomers? For us all?

How does our community experience of the Divine ground and nurture our action in the world? What actions have we been led to take?

How are these actions grounded and nurtured by the Sprit? What stands in the way of such grounding?

If many activities are engaged in by Friends as individuals, what can be done to bring these into a sense of being expressive of the community as grounded in the Divine?

Friends are encouraged to reflect on these queries and bring their thoughts to share during the 11th hours when we will respond to them as a community.