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Peace & Social Concerns

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Peace Pole in Meeting Front Yard

The Peace and Socials Concerns Committee implements decisions made by the Meeting with regard to peace and social justice issues. It considers and presents to the Meeting current peace and social concerns and activities and, when appropriate, recommends actions for the Meeting’s consideration. Individual members of the committee also represent the Meeting in organizations and projects that are involved in peace and social justice activities, such as the Alternatives to Violence Program. Generally the Committee alternates each month between a committee meeting and an evening program open to the Meeting and the wider community. 

Areas of Committee Work:

  • Recommending to Finance Committee the Meeting's contributions to the "wider concerns" budget.
  • Allocation of funds from the community outreach budget, to relevant organizations and projects in which Meeting members participate.
  • Promoting contributions from Meeting members to charitable local and international relief programs.
  • Providing information on the draft and conscientious objector counseling.
  • Support of work in the prisons.
  • A local Alternatives to Violence group (AVP)
  • A local Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP)
  • A Hartford Meeting Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group

The Committee also supports the work of other local, national and international groups. Presently the committee or committee members are active with: