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Queries on the Kansas Marriage Amendment (2005)

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As Christians and as Quakers, Heartland Friends Meeting follows a tradition of actively listening to the Holy Spirit in our gathered meetings for worship. Our walk in faith is guided by a tradition of worshipful reflection on probing questions. We understand God's will not through loud spoken answers, but unfolding questions that call us to faithfulness. We ask our community to please join us in considering these questions, also called queries, as the April 5 election nears.

--Do we understand the likely spiritual and social consequences of the proposed marriage amendment to the Kansas constitution?

--Will love, justice, and respect increase in Kansas if it is adopted?

--Does the amendment begin to make it more difficult for our neighbors, friends, relatives, and children who are different than the majority to live out their lives as responsibly and caringly as they could otherwise?

--Are erecting obstacles and denying benefits to committed couples and loving families the best way to build healthier and stronger communities?

--Is there room for growth in my religious community's understanding of God's will for people who are gay or lesbian?

--What temptations do religious communities face when they become politically powerful?

--Does God ever call us to oppress and marginalize that which we do not understand or accept?

--If we make it more difficult for committed couples to be responsible parents, provide health care, or manage end of life concerns because love shared outside the conventional relationship is unworthy of respect, are we truly hearing God's call?

--In what situations should faith groups use secular power to enforce their convictions?

We believe God asks us as citizens and people of faith to love God, practice justice, show mercy, and care for one another.

On behalf of Heartland Friends Meeting

Dean A. Young, Presiding Clerk