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2022 Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County

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Herndon Friends celebrated the accomplishments of the recipients of the 2022 Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County at a reception on Sunday, March 13, 2022, attended by four members of the School Board, with an inspiring talk by guest speaker, Kirstin De Mello.

The Student Peace Awards of Fairfax County was begun in 2006 to encourage everyone to think more about peace as both a means and an end, and to recognize young people who work as peacemakers.

We started with one school (Herndon High School) and one sponsor (Herndon Friends Meeting) and gradually expanded from there. In 2013, for the first time, it was offered to every public high school in Fairfax County. Two private schools are also included. We currently have nineteen sponsoring organizations.

Peacemaking is vital in our world, and students active in the pursuit of peace should be encouraged in every way possible. The sponsors, family, and friends celebrate the accomplishments of the recipients at a public reception in early March. The award consists of a monetary gift for each recipient and for a peace-focused charity of his or her choice, and a framed certificate, generally presented at each participating school’s annual awards ceremony. Press releases are sent to school and area newspapers and online news providers.