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COVID Transmission Safety Requirements for In-Person Attendees - Click to view all.

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Those attending the in-person Meetings for Worship inside the Meeting House are expected to take the following precautions to avoid COVID transmission:

  • Be up to date on COVID vaccinations, including the regular booster or the bivalent booster. (Bring your vaccination card.) The most recent vaccination must have been administered within the past six months. Alternatively, present a note from an M.D. stating vaccination is contraindicated due to health issues.
  • Wear a properly fitting, approved mask (N-95, etc.) or a multi-layer fabric mask. 
  • Sanitize hands when entering building. (Sanitizer will be available.)
  • Maintain three to six feet separation from others.
  • Dress warmly. (Windows will be open to ensure sufficient ventilation.)
  • Meet outside for fellowship and visiting after Meeting for Worship or indoors if the above precautions are observed.

Thanks for keeping all of us as safe as possible.