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Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship at Kennett Friends Meeting is open to everyone. Most of our current members were visitors first; we find that the presence of visitors enriches our meeting. 

Meeting for Worship is at 11 a.m. Sunday morning. ( 9 a.m. when we worship at historic Old Kennett Meeting on the last Sunday of June, July and August).

Worship in the manner of Friends (Quakers) is based on the principle of direct communication with God. In our way of worship there is no choir, no priest, no paid minister. As we enter the meeting room, we try to put aside everyday cares and quiet our busy thoughts.

At Kennett Meeting we often participate in a short Gathering before settling into Meeting for Worship. Led by a member, this may include a reading from a spiritual or inspirational secular source and the singing of several songs.

Together, we then wait in expectant silence for the comfort and guidance of the Spirit with us all. Should the Spirit lead any of us to share a message aloud, the words are heard by all with open hearts and minds. We may find that someone speaks specifically to the condition of another. It is customary to allow a period of silence after each message so that all may reflect on it.

After approximately 45 minutes a Friend will close the service by shaking hands with neighbors. All then do likewise.

Guests may be introduced followed by short announcements. Light refreshment is served on the downstairs level. Experienced Friends are happy to answer questions you may have or you may help yourself to any of the pamphlets that are available in the entrance hall.

To learn more, you may want to read A Guide to Quaker Worship.

Meeting for Worship for Business

On the second Sunday of each month we meet to conduct the business of the meeting. The search to know the will of God guides our business meetings. At business meetings our worship community makes decisions by seeking the sense of the meeting on agenda items including, among other things, finances, membership requests, committee activities, and our participation in the wider community and world. Visitors are welcome; attending business meeting is a good way to learn more about issues of concern, and what happens to keep our meeting going.