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Meeting for Worship

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Meeting for Worship with Lake Forest Friends

Members and attenders in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) gather in silence for meeting for worship.

Friends believe that each individual can experience God without need of an intermediary. We come together without formal creed or clergy. The Divine Spirit within each of us, the Inner Light, strengthened by communal worship, makes the meeting for worship deeply spiritual.

This silence is not an end in itself. It is an opportunity during which we can open our hearts and minds to God.

The silence may be broken occasionally when a worshiper feels divinely inspired to share with the meeting a deeply felt message. It may take the form of a quotation, prayer, or song; it may describe a practical experience; or contain an expression of mystical insight or faith. The silence and the messages are heard in a worshipful spirit.

Friends are called to celebrate the presence of God in everyone. The Friends’ way of life, historically rooted in the teachings of Christ, emphasizes simplicity, humility and acceptance of all people, recognizing no boundaries of occupation, race, sexual orientation, or creed.

We attempt to live our lives in a manner that takes away the occasion for conflict and war. We work to live in a manner that is in harmony with the natural world. We act in faith that something can and should be done to reduce suffering in this world. Friends believe our individual experiences of the Divine are reflected in our actions.

Lake Forest Friends Meeting is open to all. Individuals in this meeting are inspired by a variety of faith traditions and a variety of personal spiritual journeys.

We invite you to join us.