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Lone Star Mind: Reimagining Texas History

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Ty Cashion, long time attender at Live Oak Friends Meeting, published another book this past fall on Texas history.  Goodreads begins its description thus: "There is the story the Lone Star State likes to tell about itself—and then there is the reality, a Texas past that bears little resemblance to the manly Anglo myth of Texas exceptionalism that maintains a firm grip on the state’s historical imagination. Lone Star Mind takes aim at this traditional narrative, holding both academic and lay historians accountable for the ways in which they craft the state’s story. A clear-sighted, far-reaching work of intellectual history, this book marshals a wide array of pertinent scholarship, analysis, and original ideas to point the way toward a new “usable past” that twenty-first-century Texans will find relevant.

NPR's Think aired an interview with the author July 23, well worth listening too.