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Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing

Join us around 8:30 pm or after (see moon's schedule below) to view the eclipse and learn from our own fount of astronimical knowledge, Edwin Campbell.  There will be a telescope, for viewing the eclipse and probaby other parts of the sky as well.

The shadow of the earth will completely cover the visible disk of the moon. The full eclipse will be after 11:00, so be prepared for the “long view.”

On May 15th the moon rise time in Houston is 5:40 pm. The moon travels across the sky at approximately 10-13degrees per hour. For the moon to clear the obstruction of the condos, trees, etc. to the east of the meeting house it has to be about 35 or a little more degrees above the horizon so that means the moon should be visible to us in the yard near the little house at about 8:40 pm. The moon should be entering or partially in the penumbra at that time. It should be touching/beginning to enter the umbra at about 9:27 pm. the entirety of the moon should be in the umbra about 10:29 pm. Then it will begin exiting the other side into the penumbra.

The elevations above the horizon at the following times:

8:29pm            32degrees       123degrees ESE

9:05pm            38degrees       131degrees ESE

9:30pm            42degrees       137degrees ESE

10:29pm          49degrees       155degrees ESE

11:37pm          52degrees       180degrees S


Sunday, May 15, 2022 - 8:30pm to 11:30pm
LIve Oak Friends Meeting
1318 West 26th St.
Houston, TX 77008
United States
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