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For more information on COP26:

Quaker Conversation session 8    'How do we seize the moment to protect God's creation and life on earth'.


LOMF Friend EB attended this event, and shared with us at business meeting several ideas for supporting climate action and ways to get involved with Friends worldwide. Here are some links if you would like to find out more:


Protecting God’s Creation: join Quakers around the world in climate action
A joint project between FWCC and Britain Yearly Meeting linking Quakers around the world to correspond as pen pals about the climate. The aim is to share experiences of the climate emergency and help strengthen Quakers’ calls for climate justice in the run up to and beyond the UN climate talks COP26, in November 2021. 

Young Friends Worldwide for Climate Action, Peace, and JusticeYoung Quakers aged between 16-35 are invited to join this network of young Quakers around the world, and across Quaker branches, who are engaged in climate action, peace, and justice. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.

Loving Earth projectA creative project that was started by a small group of Quakers and is open to everyone. For the project you are invited to create a textile panel that celebrates people, places, creatures and other things that we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown. The panels which represent communities and places around the world are going to be displayed as an exhibition in Glasgow, UK during COP26 to remind delegates at the conference what is at stake and to show that people around the world are already doing what they can, but we depend on Governments to do more.

Spiritual preparation for COP26Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and and Quakers in Britain are running monthly online sessions, supporting Quakers who are interested in taking action on climate change in the run up to, and during COP26. These sessions are open to all Quakers worldwide and will provide a space to nurture our spiritual resilience and resistance to climate breakdown, as well as sharing ideas and learning about taking action for climate justice.

QUNO resources

•    How To Be A Hero For Our Children – a guide to personal and political action

•    People’s Climate Empowerment Series – a resource to explain how international laws can support people’s work on the ground

Journey to COP26
This is a Quaker initiative that invites people of all faith communities and none to participate in a celebration of our environment by making a short journey to any place that is sacred to you on Saturday 10 April and Sunday 11 April. You can take a photo of yourself in this place and post it on social media, explaining why you feel called to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants.

If you would like to share other Quaker sustainability projects or resources with Friends worldwide please get in touch with Susanna directly via her email address [email protected]. And remember, you can donate to continue our sustainability programme, and more at Please support FWCC’s work – Friends World Committee for Consultation.

Warm regards, F. B. (Communications Office)