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Sunday  February 18, 2018 at Alternative Aromas Site:  296 Carneros Road  Aromas CA 95004  (See Map) --Temple Beth El unavailable to us today only.
Adult Sunday School begins at 9:45 - "Radical Spirituality -- The Birth of Quakerism"  --    Consolidation - What happened after 1652?  facilitator to be announced).
Worship  11 am - 12 noon.  
February 18, 2018 - "Radical Spiritulity - The Birth of Quakerism"  (The Importance of Margaret Fell and Swarthmore Hall)  facilitated by Emelyn Buskirk
February 4, 2018 -  "Radical Spirituality --  The Birth of Quakerism" (Francis Howgill, Fergood Fell)  facilitated by Emelyn Buskirk
January 21, 2018 - "Radical Spirituality --  The Birth of Quakerism" (Week 2)  facilitated by Terrill Keeler and Kathy Richman
January 7, 2018  -    "Challenges and Benefits of being a Small Monthly Meeting"  facilitated by Kathy Richman
December 17, 2017 -    A reading of the play "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"  facilitated by Kathy and Jeff Richman
December 03, 2017 -  Friends' Value Based Intergenerational Activities,   Facilitated by Ann Baier, Adam Kerr and Dale Kerr
November 19, 2017 -  A Conversation with Temple Beth El Cantor and Rabbi Margaret Bruner.
November 05, 2017 -  PART TWO  "Radical Spirituality:  George Fox and the Birth of Quakerism" facilitated by  Robin Keeler and Kathleen Fitzgeerald                           
October 15, 2017 --  "Radical Spirituality:  George Fox and the Birth of Quakerism" facilitated by Bill Pierce and Kathleen Fitzgeerald

October 1, 2017:   Intergenerational Cooperative Games  -  Facilitated by our Children's First Day School Committee

September 17, 2017 - "End of Life Issues", facilitated by Thom McCue.
September 3, 2017:  Safety Training for Adults Working with Children's First Day School Program," facilitated by Children's First Day School Committee
August 20, 2017 -  Ann Baier, Adam Kerr and Dale Kerr will share highlights of their recent trip / tour of El Salvador.
August 6, 2017:  "Friends World Committee on Consultation" (FWCC) ,  Facilitated by Emelyn Buskirk
July 16, 2017:   A Quaker Bible Study Practice, Facilitated by Mary Bishop
July 2, 2017:  Game, "Ask Me About Quakers" facilitated by Jeff Richman (find this exercise on our Live Oak website Home Page !)
June 18, 2017 Quaker Bible Study of Epheians Chapter 4, facilitated by Amy Brewster,
June 4, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony: How do we respond to Current Events/ Media, & how do we communicate the Peace Testimony to those around us"  Facilitated by Nathan Kleban and Robin Keeler
May 21, 2017 - The Peace Testimony - Conscientious Objection to War"  Facilitated by Kathy Richman
May 7, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony - The Roots of Nonviolence"   Facilitated by Robin Keeler & Nathan Kleban
April 16, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony - Responding to Ordinary Situations Nonviolently"  Facilitated by Kathleen Fitzgerald
April 2, 2017 -  "The Peace Testimony - Using Non-violent Language"  Facilitated by Terrill Keeler and Emelyn Buskirk
March 19, 2017 -  "The Integrity Testimony (Part 2)"  facilitated by  Jeff Richman
Please open the link at the bottom of this page --  FRIEND FOR LIFE--"MISSION TO THE GESTAPO"   We'll be reviewing this chapter of the life of Rufus Jones. (Jeff)

March 5, 2017 -  "The Integrity Testimony (Part 1)"  facilitated by Robin Keeler and Jeff Richman

February 19, 2017 -  "The Unity and Community Testimony (Part 2)"  facilitated by Thom McCue

February 5, 2017 -  "The Unity and Community Testimony (Part 1)"  facilitated by Terrill Keeler

January 15,  2017 - "The Sustainability and Stewardship Testimony (Part 2)"  facilitated by Bill Pierce

Jan. 1,  2017 - "The Sustainability and Stewardship Testimony (Part 1)"  facilitated by Amy Brewster

December 18 -   "Christmas and the Flight of the Holy Family" facilitated by Jeff Richman
December 4 - "The Simplicity Testimony and the Power of Enough"  facilitated by Mary Bishop
November 20 - "The Simplicity Testimony (Part 2)"  facilitated by Richard Smith
November 6 - "The Equality Testimony"   facilitatetd by Kitty Mizuno
October 16- "Quaker Women and the Equality Testimony"  (facilitators: Mary Bishop and Kathy Richman):  Emphasis on Lucretia Mott  and Sarah Moore Grimké
October 02, 2016 -  Kathy Richman, Clerk of our Religious Education Committee,  will be introducing topics for the next year's discussion hours and asking us to sign  up for making a presentation.

September 18  2016 - "Introduction to Live Oak Friends Meeting on the Quaker Cloud" (facilitator: Jeff Richman)