Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Sunday Discussion Hour (9:45 - 11:00, preceding Meeting for Worship)

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Early Friends' Letter to King Charles II of England, 1660's

 Adult Schedule......Scroll down for Children's Schedule

Adult Sunday School discussion begins at 9:45 -    June 18, 2017 Facilitated by Amy Brewster, topic to be announced.
July 2, 2017:  Game, "Ask Me About Quakers" facilitated by Jeff Richman (find this exercise on our Live Oak website Home Page !)
July 16, 2017:   Facilitated by Kathleen Fitzgerald
August 6, 2017:  "Friends World Committee on Consultation" (FWCC) ,  Facilitated by Emelyn Buskirk
August 20, 2017:   "End of Life Issues" -  Facilitated by Thom McCue
September 3, 2017:  Safety Training for Adults Working with Children's First Day School Program," facilitated by Children's First Day School Committee

February 5, 2017 -  "The Unity and Community Testimony (Part 1)"  Adult discussion facilitated by Terrill Keeler                                                                                                          

February 19, 2017 -  "The Unity and Community Testimony (Part 2)"  Adult discussion facilitated by Thom McCue

March 5, 2017 -  "The Integrity Testimony (Part 1)"  Adult discussion facilitated by Robin Keeler and Jeff Richman

March 19, 2017 -  "The Integrity Testimony (Part 2)" Adult discussion  facilitated by  Jeff Richman

April 2, 2017 -  "The Peace Testimony - Using Non-violent Language"  Adult discussion facilitated by Terrill Keeler and Emelyn Buskirk

April 16, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony - Responding to Ordinary Situations Nonviolently" Adult discussion facilitated by Kathleen Fitzgerald

May 7, 2017   -  "THE PEACE TESTIMONY- Part Three"           Adult discussion  facilitated by Robin Keeler and Nathan Kleban

May 21, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony - Conscientious Objection to War"  Adult discussion facilitated by Kathy Richman

June 4, 2017 - "The Peace Testimony: How do we respond to Current Events/ Media, & how do we communicate the Peace Testimony to those around us" Adult discussion facilitated by Nathan Kleban and Robin Keeler


Date             Topic                    Game                    Song                                        Story/Activity                            Leader

6/18     Conscientious Objectors                                                                       Story of Desmond Doss                Richard Smith and Jeff Richman                                      ............ service during wartime


2/5          Community              Stand Up       We Won’t Leave Anyone Out;        Swimmy, It’s Mine!                    Kathy R.

                                                                      I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

2/19       Community    Animal Sounds        The Sharing Song (one by Raffi,      Ribbon Rescue                           Terrill K.

                                       /Human Pretzel       the other by Georgie S.)

3/5           Integrity    Two Truths and a Lie           Truth Song                         A Promise Is a Promise               Kathleen

3/19         Integrity     Who’s the Leader?               repeat                                    Terrill’s choice                           Mary B.

4/2  Non-violent language    Machine                   Use a Word


4/16  Responding non-violently   Aura               The Principle                Simon’s Hook  (Kathleen has copy.)        Amy                                                                                                                                                                                                 to everyday situations

5/7  Quaker Peace Testimony    Stand Off    Planting a Seed of Peace    Sadako & Thousand Paper Cranes?      Emelyn

                                                                          Let There Be Peace on Earth

5/21 Conscientious Objectors   Kids’ choice  'Neath the Vine & Fig Tree             Pink and Say?                        Thom & Francesca

6/4  Our Peace Testimony       Kids’ choice     Chickens for Peace                   Dona Nobis Pacem, Enemy Pie?            Amy