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LOFM Care and Concern

The Care and Concern Committee is concerned with the overall well being of Live Oak Friends Meeting both at the individual level and the community level. It also convenes clearness committees for marriage, memberhip, and other personal business of Friends on request, and then makes recommendations to the Meeting for actions. Friends must hold membership to serve on this committee; attendance at the committee is restricted to members of the committee and invited guests. The regular meeting time for the committee is at noon on the first Sunday of the month in the living room of the Little House.

Our responsibities include:

  • Maintaining an accurate membership list

  • Providing Clearness Committees to the community for membership, marriage, and individual or corporate concerns

  • Organizing pastoral care where needed

  • Making membership more visable in the community

  • Supporting the friends active in the care of the children

  • Assisting the Directory Editor

  • Keeping the community aware of opportunities to participate in the wider Quaker community

  • Assisting the Worship and Ministry Committee in annual retreats

Current Agenda Items

  • Care and concern for members of the meeting community

  • Clearness committees

  • Contact with non-local and inactive members

Friends serving on the Care and Concern Committee for 2022 are: Leada Dietz and Louise Presley (co-clerks),Bette Drexler (Records Clerk), Peggy McDonald, Chris Drexler, Malcolm McCorquodale, Jane Houser.

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Below are several PDF's of social service resources in the Houston area for people in need.