LOFM Children's Religious Education

In the children’s program at Live Oak Friends Meeting, our primary desire is to have children and families feel welcome and comfortable in our community, as we believe this feeling of acceptance and belonging becomes an important foundation for learning more about Quakerism and enjoying active participation in the community. We strive to help each child feel known and valued as an individual, and to promote relationships amongst the children and between adults and children that are caring, friendly, and mutually respectful. As First Day School teachers, members of the Children’s Religious Education Committee, and other “Friendly Adult Presences”, we try to model Quaker values and processes as we interact with the children. These may manifest in how we welcome new children into their classes or childcare activities, how we invite children to share and listen to each other’s experiences and perspectives, and how we solve problems or address conflicts that may arise. We hope that over time, children who attend our program will come to learn about Quakerism in an experiential way, through a combination of formal instruction, formal and informal community-building activities, participation in worship with their families and the rest of the community, and development of friendships with other children in the meeting.

We also take the saferty of our children very seriously.  To view our child safety policy, please click here.

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