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LOFM Peace and Social Action

In witness of the Quaker Peace Testimony, Live Oak Friends Meeting offers the information on this web page to all who wish to work for peace in our troubled world. We hold fast to the belief that there is that of God in everyone, and by learning to express that belief in our words and actions, we can transform the violence and destruction that currently characterize the American presence in the world community. We share information about the Quaker approach to alternatives to violence, techniques for creating a culture of peace,  and links to web sites and organizations dedicated to the same cause. You can also see a summary of our history of social justice actions Whatever your spiritual leadings, we invite you to join us in our peace work. 

Current Local Quaker Peace and Social Justice Actions

National Quaker Organizations involved in Peace and Social Justice Actions

Check out our  PASA Calendar  to see how LOFM Friends are engaging with local community actions that express our testimonies!

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