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LOFM Planning Committee


Planning Comittee considers the long term needs of Meeting including changes to buildings and grounds, and seeks input from other committees and the Meeting at large about needs and concerns related to physical space.

The Committee develops and maintains a 3-year plan regarding meeting facilities, including a budget, by working with all committees before presenting the plan to Meeting for Business.


  • Represents LOFM's needs and best interests in protecting, preserving, and guiding aesthetics, use, and development of the property, grounds and buildings.
  • Makes sure facilities meet the needs of the Meeting, Quaker testimonies, and the Meeting's aesthetics guidelines by worshipfully evaluating needs, considering the appropriateness of furnishings and fixtures, developing plans, and making recommendations to Meeting for Business.
  • Is the "guardian" of the Turrell sky space in terms of maintenance, usage and how it is described by the Meeting.
  • Reviews Meeting's needs, contractual obligations, and responsibilities to donors in setting guidelines for accepting and using donations.

Committee Members

        This committee is made up of a reperesentative from each of the active committees in the meeting  

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