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Committees are the life of the Meeting!

Madison Monthly Meeting has appointed several committees to carry out the work suggested by our testimonies. Some serve members and attenders of the meeting; others are directed to work on the Meetings concerns in the society at large.

Participating on a committee is a great way to get to know people and become more integrated in the Meeting. If you are interested please contact or talk to anyone on Nominating Committee. 

To bring a concern to a committee, contact the committee's convener or a committee member. Sometimes a concern will prompt the writing, approval, and publishing of a Public Minute brought forward by a committee. Read public minutes here.

Link to Job Descriptions for MMM Committees and Positions

Committee Descriptions

Some committees have links to more information. 
*NOTE: Are you a committee member looking for your private site? log in and click your name at the very top right for links.

AFSC (American Friends Service  Committee) – American Friends Service Committee supports the work of the  AFSC by providing information to Meeting and working on fundraising events. Contact:

Archives – Archives Committee maintains Meeting records for  preservation, keeping them organized and  accessible. You can contact the committee at

Brunch – Brunch Committee coordinates the preparation, serving and cleanup of the brunch meal between early and late meetings on First Day mornings. Contact:

Building & Grounds – The Building & Grounds (B&G) Committee oversees improvements, maintenance and safe operation of Friends House and the caretaker house.  This includes planning, repairs, energy concerns, landscaping, gardening and organizing the spring and fall Meeting-wide workdays. Contact:  Learn more about Meetinghouse Renovation plans and fundraising.

Care – Care Committee meets monthly to conduct work that is multifaceted, dynamic and divided into these main areas:

  • Provides support and coordinates pastoral care for attenders and members.
  • Convenes and coordinates clearness committees for membership, marriage, individual leadings or personal support.
  • Collaborates with Meeting clerks and other committees.
  • Creates and sustains relationships that foster a welcoming faith community environment.

Communications and Technology - Manages the Meeting's email lists, wifi connection and other electronic/computer technology used in the Meetinghouse. Manages the technical aspects of the website. Committee and the charge be expanded to include such things as managing the mechanics of MMM email list and the wireless connection at MeetingWebsite – The Website Committee develops and maintains the Meeting website and helps the public and Meeting members, attenders and committees use it.

Directory – Directory Committee publishes the annual Madison Meeting directory.  This involves collecting information, contacting members, proofreading and production.  It is normally published once a year in December. Contact:

Finance – Finance Committee oversees the Meeting finances in consultation with the Treasurer, recommends allocation of monies donated to the Meeting, receives requests and makes recommendations on expenditures to Meeting for Business. Contact:

First Day Announcements – First Day Announcements Committee receives & publishes Meeting announcements/articles weekly, prior to each First Day. Submit announcements to

First Day School Committee – First Day School Committee oversees, supports, and forms policy for children and youth program.  Hires and supervises paid First Day School staff. Contact: Learn more about First Day School.

FCNL (Friends Committee on National  Legislation) – The FCNL (Friends Committee on National  Legislation) stays abreast of issues of concern to Quakers through the national FCNL office.  Distributes information, encourages individuals to communicate with elected representatives, and provides opportunities for staying informed and connected with others who share spiritual bases for activism. It organizes quarterly meetings and regualar letter-writing activities.  Contact: Learn more about FCNL.

Library – The Library Committee maintains and updates library materials for the Meeting.  It also orders books, prepares them for circulation, assists in shelving books, reviews publications for the newsletter, and ensures that the Meeting’s library needs are met. Contact:

Memorial – The Memorial Committee helps Friends plan their future affairs and assists in the planning and conduct of memorial services.  You may also file your memorial plans with the Committee for future use. Contact:

Ministry & Counsel – The Ministry & Counsel Committee is concerned with the spiritual growth and welfare of the Meeting as well as the quality of our worship.  It nourishes the spirituality of the Meeting by planning and organizing retreats and forums; secures, prepares, and makes pamphlets available; offers care and support to worship groups under the care of the Meeting; recruits members for Nominating Committee; and performs other duties of a spiritual nature as the need arises. Contact:

Newsletter – The Newsletter Committee publishes articles of interest to the Meeting and items for spiritual nurture.  Editors, artists, writers, and proof-readers work as a team, sharing their talents to plan and produce the monthly newsletter. Submit articles here:

Nominating – The Nominating Committee encourages participation and makes nominations for clerks, representatives, and all nominated committees except itself. Contact:

Peace, Social & Earth Concerns – The Peace, Social & Earth Concerns Committee connects Madison Friends Meeting with persons and groups working on issues such as peacemaking, racial and social justice, sustainable environment, universal health care, criminal justice, nonviolent communication/conflict resolution and counter-recruitment.  The committee assumes responsibility for some projects while providing information/recommendations for sponsorship and/or funding to the Meeting on other projects/activities consistent with Friends peace, social justice and earth care testimonies and values. psecmmm@ (add after the @)

Safe Community - The Safe Community Committee implements guidelines for responding to individuals in the Meeting community who have histories of child sexual misconduct, or about whom such allegations have been made. Contact

Social & Hospitality – The Social & Hospitality Committee helps Meeting celebrate special events and co-hosts events with other committees, to enhance the social life of the Meeting. Contact:

Telephone – The Telephone Committee contacts Meeting attenders and members with urgent information as needed, perhaps a few times a year. Contact:


Member Links

List of Committee Members and Clerks

Nominated Committees Roster


Access to private committee sites is restricted to committee members.
Once you are logged in, click your name on the upper right of the page to find links to your committees. If you don't see any, please contact the site administrator for your committee.


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Email a committee

All emails should be followed by

  • Adult Young Friends: mmmayf@
  • AFSC: afsccomm@
  • Archives: archivescomm@
  • Brunch: brunchcomm@
  • Building & Grounds: bandgcomm@
  • Communications & Technology: catcommittee@
  • Care: carecomm@
  • Directory: directory@
  • Finance: financecomm@
  • First Day Announcements: announcements@
  • First Day School: 1stdayschlcomm@
  • FCNL: fcnl@
  • Library: librarycomm@
  • Memorial: memorialcomm@
  • Ministry & Counsel: mccomm@
  • Newsletter: newsletter@
  • Nominating: nominating@
  • Peace, Social & Earth Concerns: psecmmm@
  • Safe Community: safecommunity@
  • Social & Hospitality: socialhospitality@
  • Telephone: telephonecomm@
  • Website: webclerk@