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Financing the Meetinghouse Renovation

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Donations can be made by mailing a check to 1704 Roberts Court Madison, WI 53711-2029 or online by clicking the Donate button above, Other means include wire transfer from your bank, donations from estate bequests, charitable IRA rollovers and gifts from donor advised funds, or direct donation of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. For more information see the related link or the below document.


If you are interested in making a loan to the Madison Monthly Meeting, there are 2 different methods:

Standard Loan

This is a standard loan which will pay 2.5% annually until a predetermined date when the remainder of the interest and the principal will all be paid out. A promissory note will be signed as well as the loan agreement.

Declining Balance Agreement

In this agreement, the lender agrees to receive 2.5% interest annually, and to forgive and reduce the principal balance of the note by a designated amount each year until the entire sum of principal and interest is written off.

Below are loan documents and instructions for donating. For questions, please contact Scott Fulton,