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How Do I Arrange For A Memorial Meeting?

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Memorial meetings may be arranged by contacting a member of the Memorial Committee.
This committee can also help family members with other matters that arise on the occasion
of a family member’s death.  For example, many Meeting members have filed their burial
and other preferences with the committee.  Blank documents for this may be obtained  on
request to the committee.  The Meeting may also decide to help out with a meal  after a
memorial service.  Perhaps other needs arise with which the Meeting can assist.  All of these
can be arranged through the Memorial Committee.

For more information and documents click the Memorial Committee link at the right, or check out these documents:

Memorial Committee - everything you ever wanted to know about the committee and how you can plan ahead for your death arrangements and memorial.

Putting My House In Order - a form created by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Milwaukee Inc, for recording legal, financial and other information that will be needed upon your death. Used with their permission.