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Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Weekly Announcements and Newsletter

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Staying Connected

Email to request the weekly announcements sheet by email or pick up a paper copy at Meeting for Worship each Sunday. Weekly announcements include worship times, upcoming events, weekly gathering topics, committee meetings, special events, and other announcements submitted by members and attenders.
Send announcements by email to the announcements team at

The monthly newsletter includes more information about the Meeting, articles, Joys and Sorrows, and minutes of Business Meeting. To request the newsletter by email or postal mail, or to offer an article, send a message to or fill in one of the forms near the guestbook in the Meetinghouse. You may also propose articles for the newsletter to this email address. You may also view newsletters on this website if you log in and have a membership to this site.

NOTE: Some people report that the emailed announcements and newsletter go to their spam folders; for others, especially those with email addresses, the messages may never arrive. Your best bet is to check this website for updates and newsletters.