Martha's Vineyard Friends Meeting


We currently use Skype to meet. Please contact us for the link. After the pandemic, we will again meet in the chapel in the Good Shepherd Parish Center at 55 School Street in Oak Bluffs (intersection with Pacific Ave., near the Oak Bluffs Library).

You are among Friends

The Meeting for Worship is a special time, away from our worldly concerns, in which we seek together, often in silence, for strength and Light to meet our responsibilities. Then we are joined in the silent waiting upon God that is known among Quakers as centering down, an openness to the spirit of God.

A message spoken in Meeting in response to Spirit is meant to be a seed for others’ meditation and does not require a response. It is usually brief, phrased simply, and followed by renewed silence.

Our Message

Quakers have no dogma or creed, but have collected thoughts and beliefs over the years. Some of these beliefs are:

There is that of God in every human being.

That spirit, the Inner Light, communicates itself to us directly as we are open to it.

There is truth yet to be discovered and revelation of it is continuing, both to diligent seekers and to those whom God takes unawares.

Simplicity, equality, and peace are ideals toward which we strive both in our lives and in our outreach to the world.

A peacemaking lifestyle requires a positive, creative love and respect for the integrity of each person, and of the environment, especially in situations of conflict and confrontation.

The witness for peace is an affirmation of the divine light in every human being. Warfare and other violence deny the sanctity of human life.

Meetings for business are a continuation of Meeting for Worship, and are held in that spirit. In any conflict, Friends seek resolution not in compromise of positions, but in reaching unity with that of God within themselves and one another.

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Meeting Times

Meeting for Worship 10:00am Sundays

Mid-week Meeting 12:00pm Wednesdays (call ahead)

Worship with us!

Chris Legge: 508-693-1834 or Bruce & Sarah Nevin: 508-627-8536
Sunday and Wednesday meetings at the Good Shepherd Parish Center
55 School St
Oak Bluffs, MA 02568
United States
Mailing Address
PO 1353
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
United States
Meeting Times: 

Meeting for Worship 10:00am Sundays

Mid-week Meeting 12:00pm Wednesdays (call ahead)