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GreenFaith International's "Faiths 4 Climate Justice" Day of Action

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Today, as part of GreenFaith International's "Faiths 4 Climate Justice" Day of Action, members and friends of our Circle met with state representatives from legislative districts 6, 7, and 8, calling on them to prioritize policies that enable a rapid and just transition to a Clean Energy Economy for New Jersey, and ensure equitable access to clean air and water in our communities.
A special thanks to Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, Deputy Speaker Pamela Lampitt, Senator Troy Singleton, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy, Deputy Majority Leader, Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield, and legislative staff for spending time speaking with us.
During this critical time we must put our faiths into action, calling on our leaders to take the bold steps required to mitigate the worst impacts of burning fossil fuels and transition to a zero-emissions future. We look forward to continue working with these dedicated legislators in order to build a better, more just, and sustainable world for future generations of New Jerseyans.