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Denny convened a meeting on Sunday September 11 for a friendly conversation about awakening First Day School from its hiatus during the pandemic.  There were 7 adults and 2 children under three years old in person and approximately 3 adults, and one 12 year old on zoom. Some Friends have been involved with First Day School for a long time, and others are new to the meeting. We agreed that children under two year olds would rather play with masks than wear them and Friends were comfortable with children not wearing masks when First Day School starts including when in the worship room for the few minutes at the beginning and  end of Meeting for Worship. Ila who is 12 now is interested and able to be an assistant to the adult leaders.

We set up a tentative schedule for adult leaders as follows:

Sept. 18 - Susan
Sept. 25 - Ron
Oct. 2 - Sandy
Oct. 9 - Mallory
Oct. 16 - Denny
Oct. 23 -  Blake