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Listening with Ears of Children or Dogs

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At the October 17 Meeting for Worship, the clerk shared FGC queries:

Do you seek to understand where a person’s words come from when those words are strange or disturbing to you? Do you listen patiently and seek the truth that other people’s thoughts may contain for you? As you learn from others, are you willing to share with them what you in turn have learned? 

Messages included a reference to the hymn "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" as well as a reflection on the challenge of queries that may too quickly be answered with a simple no. One Friend synthesized the messages into her own poetic interpretation of the queries:

When have you really felt heard?
How can we listen with ears of children or dogs?
What secrets lie in wait as we listen?
What truths are beneath the surface?
What is important in addition to the words?