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QEW Racial Wealth Gap Simulation

Quaker Earthcare Witness co-clerk Beverly Ward is hosting a Racial Wealth Gap simulation. The simulation is an interactive tool that helps people understand the connections among racial equity, hunger, poverty, and wealth.

In the simulation, participants learn how federal policies created structural inequalities—property ownership and education are just two among many areas affected—and how these policies increase hunger and poverty in communities of color.

The simulation guides participants to an understanding of why racial equity is so important to ending hunger and poverty in the United States. The hope is that participants, in becoming more aware of structural inequality, can support policies that undo and/or reduce disparities.

All are welcome - QEW especially encourage sSteering Committee members to attend as part of its ongoing efforts to become an anti-racist community.

Register here:

About Beverly Ward

Beverly is the field secretary for Earthcare at Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and the co-clerk of QEW. Her related experience includes conducting research and providing technical assistance to communities and local state and federal agencies on environmental and social justice, housing, and transportation issues. Beverly is an experiential workshop facilitator trained in conflict management, mediation, responses to violence, strategies on healing for trauma and Alternatives to Violence Project. 

Beverly is a member of Tampa Monthly Meeting and an attender of Deland Worship Group. She lives on lands once inhabited by the Timucua (Ocklawaha River Watershed) and the Tocobaga (Hillsborough Bay Watershed).

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 6:00pm
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