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Children’s Programs

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Updated 09/15/2022:

Children sit with the adults in worship for about 10 minutes and then leave for the school room. The adults running First Day School will signal when it’s time. In First Day School they play, listen to stories, hold their own worship sharing, and sometimes even hold their own business meetings with a designated clerk and recording clerk.

If your children fidget or whisper inquiries into your ear, do not worry. It will not bother us. Many babies share messages of the spirit. We may not always understand them, but we always enjoy them.

Children are an important part of our Meeting. Adults make a point of including even our very youngest Friends. At the close of meeting, when introductions are made, young Friends are given the opportunity to speak their names too. It is always a celebrated occasion when one of the children first volunteers to say his or her own name. Don’t be surprised if some of the littlest ones wander around our circle at the close of Meeting, joining adults in the fun of shaking hands.