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Welcome to Miami Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, known to most people as Quakers. Our faith and practices are based on the belief that every person has a divine spark, often called the Inner Light, which is available to guide us towards doing what is right. It is this basic belief that leads us to oppose war and to work actively for peace and justice.

In practice, we sit in silence in our meeting for worship until someone feels certain they have been given a divine message meant to be shared with everyone present. In a Friends meeting, there may be a wide range of ideas about the nature of divinity, names used, and sources of inspiration, including but not exclusively the Bible, the writings of George Fox, the man who started Quakerism, and other sacred texts and inspired contemporary writings.

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Minute of Support for Planned Parenthood

Approved by Miami Friends Meeting, SEYM, Sept. 18, 2016

Planned Parenthood has recently come under extreme criticism from politicians because of allegations that have now been proven false. The current political move to defund Planned Parenthood would be disastrous. It would make it impossible for millions of Americans to obtain preventive services such as cancer screening and family planning.


The Dakota Access pipeline, which is being built by the Dallas-based company Energy Transfer Partners, endangers culturally significant land and also puts the Missouri River in danger of pollution. We, the Miami Friends Meeting (SEYM), are called to support the voices and actions of the Standing Rock Sioux and the more than 150 Tribal Nations at Sacred Stones Camp in North Dakota and others who have joined them in peaceful protest and protection of the water of the Missouri River.

Event Date: 
09/22/2016 - 7:00am to 8:30pm
On Thursday, September 22, Miami Friends Meeting will observe the International Day of Peace and Prayer the day after the official date by dedicating the usual worship/worship sharing time from 7:30-8

Speaker notes for meeting for learning presented by Brad Stocker at the meetinghouse on  9/4/2016:

How has the meetinghouse greened itself

For some time now Miami Friends Meeting has had a commitment to Earth.

Friends elsewhere have too.


My first knowledge of it was when Janet Lancelott connected us to Quaker Earthcare Witness and shared materials from that Friend’s organization. MFM became the only meeting i

Event Date: 
08/07/2016 - 9:30am to 10:30am
Peace and Social Concerns will continue its Meeting for Learning with attention to Climate Change.

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