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St James School grant from MMFP

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An article by Paul Laskow was printed in Friends Journal

In his article (link above), MMFP member Paul Laskow explains the stewardship of a historical trust under the care of the monthly meeting, originally intended for Black students at Anthony Benezet's school. Benezet was a member of the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting in the late eighteenth century.

"The grant to St. James School flows directly from a trust that was established by a member of Arch Street to remove barriers that might prevent Black scholars from attending Benezet’s school. Shortly after the school’s founding, Mary M. Johnson bequeathed $5,000 (the equivalent of $175,000 in current terms) to Arch Street Meeting to be held in trust for the school."

The Educational Scholarship committee of MMFP recommended to the monthly meeting a five year commitment to St James School (located in north Philadelphia) to be used for uniforms for students. This type of aid is consistent with the wishes of the original donor.