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There is a group of Quakers in Indiana who have figured out a way to convert a bit of trash into changed lives.

Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) is a Quaker organization that provides micro-loans to mutually accountable groups of women in India, Kenya, and Sierra Leone. These women receive financial education and use the loans to open small businesses. Their earnings make it possible to put food on their tables and send their children to school. Seed grants from RSWR have been provided to 41 groups. 1,092 women have received loans from these groups. This has offered the chance to change the trajectory of the lives of these women and their families for generations.

What bit of trash helps to make this possible? The lowly used postage stamp. These stamps are received and sorted by Indiana Quakers knowledgeable in philately; the collection and study of postage stamps. These folks have figured out a way transform donated stamps into those life transforming micro-loans.

How can we help? Might we suggest that you keep a small box or bag on your desk and collect the stamps that are affixed to your incoming mail?  When pandemic precautions are lifted, deposit them in the RSWR pocket on the MMFP bulletin board, or give them to Katherine Oniskey. Of course, if you want to support RSWR with a check, they’ll take that, too.  

For more information on RSWR go to - Stamp Program