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Proposal that will adversly impact immigrants

The administration recently released a devastating proposal that will adversely impact immigrants seeking residency in the United States. By expanding what it means to be a “public charge,” millions of immigrants could be penalized for accessing essential housing, health care, and anti-hunger programs.

We do not often ask you to do this, but whenever a new rule is proposed by the federal government, the public has 60 days to comment on the proposed change. Your comments should be brief and personal. They should clearly state that you oppose this proposed regulation and want it to be withdrawn. We can stop this.

The clock is ticking. We have to tell the government not to turn our immigration system into a pay-to-play process, where only wealthy people can gain residency in the U.S.

Go to: (or FCNL and look for article.)


Hannah Graf Evans

Legislative Representative
Immigration & Refugee Policy

P.S. FCNL is joining with the Protecting Immigrant Families coalition to get 100,000 public comments against this rule. Help us spread the word. Invite your friends to take action.