Meeting House Revitalization Project

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On May 24th, 2016, at a special called Meeting, the following minute was passed:

In response to the outpouring of trust and confidence and the possibility of building our community as we rebuild our meetinghouse, we are deciding to stay here at 2280  S Columbine.  We accept the proposal of the Design Group under Paul Motz-Storey’s guidance to proceed with a plan for remodeling our building.  We commit to supporting Paul in this great gift to the Meeting and will establish a support committee for his needs and work.  We will proceed as a Meeting to work together on this project.

Paul Motz-Storey and the Extended Design Committee have broken the revitalization process into three initial phases:

1. Accessibility:  systems upgrades, adding an accessible parking space on the east end, ramps on the west entrance, and an elevator to all floors.

2. Kitchen/Library:  building a new kitchen in the area where the library is currently located, relocating the library to the current alcove with additional shelves nearby to expand our capacity for books.

3. Connectable Fellowship Hall & Meeting Room:  merging the current kitchen and Meeting room and installing a removable partition between the west end of the Meeting room and the east end. This will create a fellowship hall in the west end and a new, squarer Meeting room in the east end, with better acoustics and sight lines.

Paul will be relying on volunteers whenever possible and professional sub-contractors when necessary. As Paul says, "It’s fun to build together, and it’s a great way for all of us to contribute to a Meeting house that will better meet our needs and reflect our values." 

We need all of our talents and skills of every kind. This includes: general construction/ deconstruction labor, child care, meal preparation, specific technical or creative skills, gardening, event planning, you name it! Work and volunteering has begun, so please fill in the volunteer form here: with your skills and availability.

Capital Campaign Phase Two: The Quiet Campaign. In order to complete construction, we need to raise $50,000 over the next few months, to be matched by another $50,000 from a generous donor. The Capital Campaign team will not be sending out visitors or making loud announcements, but will be relying on community members to step up with financial support now that we have made our decision about revitalizing our current space. Please read the full letter from the Capital Campaign Team to learn more about this calm approach to meeting the financial requirements of the project. As of October 12, we have raised over $13,500 with this approach, which has been matched.

Current Volunteer Needs: (As of October 14, 2016): (contact Polly Washburn if you can assist with any of these)

ResearcherHelp is needed with researching sub-contractors who install mini-split heat pump systems. 

Water Stewards - Someone to help with watering the lawn at the Meeting House over the next couple of weeks.

Construction Updates

October 8: The archaeological assessment of crawl spaces, ceiling/floor construction, and other normally unseen corners continues while waiting for the City’s partial ramp inspection. See the new Newsletter for details. For your safetycontinue to use the back (east) door and the kitchen door (if opened) for now but avoid the ramp area and front door. Do be mindful about using the handicapped parking in back.

September 30: Work continues! See the Newsletter for many more details. For your safety, continue to use the back (east) door and the kitchen door (if open) for now but avoid the ramp area and front door. Be thoughtful about using the handicapped parking in back.

September 17:  With the front ramp poured, we’re ready for a city ramp inspection, handrail bids, and choosing a bid to reconnect the sprinkler system. Landscaping is next! For your safety, continue to use the back (east) door for now or the kitchen door (once opened) and avoid getting on the ramp. Do watch your step!

September 2, 2016: You can now see a completed back tool shed and footings for a front ramp, with the concrete pour scheduled for next week. Watch your step and use the back (east) door: same code as for the front door, plus the number “5.”  

August 4, 2016:
Good news on the permit front, with work on the front entry resuming in another week or so, and progress visible on the kitchen stairs. Meanwhile, many thanks to the stalwart lawn waterers. Look to the Newsletter for more information on work behind the scenes.

July 29, 2016:
Lots is going on behind the scenes as we get bids on the plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, and elevator work that’s part of the revitalization. Completing the front access area awaits a zoning/building permit.  Meanwhile, volunteers have committed to rebuilding and replacing the stairway to the kitchen door. Thanks to those watering the grass until the irrigation system is restored. Enjoy the new handicapped parking area by the East door and ramp.  

People to ask Questions

Construction Coordination Committee Members: Maya Wright, Ruth Montague, Jerry Peterson, Polly Washburn

Site Supervisors: Andrew BanksBrad GoeddelDavid HuhnTom KowalDick LoudenAdrian MontgomeryBrent RidleyWilliam Wolff

Construction Calendar

Visit the calendar to see upcoming community work days, construction information, committee meetings

We will also be making announcements and updates in the weekly announcements, the monthly newsletter, and on MVFM's Facebook page. You can sign up to receive the announcements and/or newsletter by email here.