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COVID risks are still unpredictable and serious, especially for those who are most vulnerable. The Meetinghouse is nevertheless open to serve those in our community who feel a deep need to return physically and are comfortable with the risks involved. The 8:15 Early Worship and 10:00am Meeting for Worship take place virtually, blended, and in person. Some other Meeting community events also happen in the Meetinghouse in various formats. We are doing everything we can to avoid needing to reclose the Meetinghouse, and appreciate you doing your part to support this. 

The ad hoc Committee on COVID Concerns, recognizing the dramatically increased transmission of the Omicron B-4 and B-5 variants, now requires all Friends to be vaccinated before entering the Meetinghouse. We ask you to be ready to share your vaccination card (physical or digital), when you enter the building. You must have received both shots of your Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, or your J&J single shot, along with your booster if eligible, to enter. Once you have shown your card, you may choose to be added to our vaccine registry so that you won't need to show your card again on future visits.

There is evidence that wearing a KN95 or a N95 mask helps to protect you even if others are unmasked around you, although best protection still comes from most people being masked. With that in mind, the Committee still strongly encourages all who are able to continue wearing masks. This will provide greater protection against the spread of infection and provide comfort to those who are still more susceptible to infection due to age, underlying conditions, or compromised immune systems.

KN95-style masks are available at the entrance. Please take one if you only have the far less effective cloth masks. KN95 masks can be reused so we encourage you to save yours to bring with you the next time you come to the Meetinghouse.

The Meeting Room and the Social Hall are limited to 25 people each, and we continue to encourage personal distancing after the rise of Meeting while in the building. Air purifiers will be running in all spaces where people are present, and should be on the highest setting. If you notice that they are not, please help protect all by turning them up. When outside conditions warrant, windows may also be open, or the air conditioner may be turned on. Either of these increase your protection.

While our guidelines make the Meetinghouse space as safe as we can make it, please be aware that we can't guarantee that you are fully safe within the building. Please enter in awareness of the risks and in a spirit of caring for those who join you here. Do your part by masking, maintaining distance from your fellow worshippers, and being vaccinated. If you have a medical exemption, please realize that you are particularly vulnerable and strongly consider not entering to avoid risk to yourself and those around you.

Vaccinations are by far our strongest tool for controlling COVID. Whether or not you plan to enter the Meetinghouse, the committee strongly recommends that all members of the community who are eligible get vaccinated, including getting your booster (which currently provides the best protection against Omicron). The current COVID situation is very much in flux and we will continue provide updates as frequently as necessary.