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New Hearthkeeper Sought and Found

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Update: We have found our new Hearthkeeper! Alison Krieger has moved into that position. Check out the February Newsletter for more information about the transition and both Hearthkeepers!

Our wonderful Hearthkeeper, Holly Jarvis, is transitioning out of the position, so the Meeting is in the process of hiring a new Hearthkeeper.  At this time, because we are not having renters in the building, the Hearthkeeper is only working 16 to 24 hours a month and goes to the Meetinghouse once a week (most weeks).  Things will ramp up, of course, as we can open the building to renters.  At that time, it is anticipated that the monthly hours will go back to 40 to 60, with more frequent trips to the Meetinghouse required. The goal is to hire someone who can stay in the position through our transition back to a full rental schedule.   

Here is a short summary of the job duties, from the Hearthkeeper position description: "The Hearthkeeper has administrative, outreach, and property management responsibilities for the Meeting. The Hearthkeeper is familiar with the faith and practice of Quakers, is part of our Meeting community, manages building use scheduling, participates in the care of Meeting facilities, responds to phone inquiries about Friends, and facilitates communication within the Quaker community, including putting out the weekly Bulletin."