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Draft Minute on Earthcare for NPYM

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Dear Friends,

The attached Minute on Earthcare was presented at NPYM Annual Session last month. 

Each Monthly Meeting and Worship Group is asked to season it before the 2021 Annual Session, where it will be presented again for approval. The final version may incorporate comments and suggestions received before the end of May. 

Additional information on helping meetings season, and sharing that which is rising from the seasoning, will be sent out soon.

Coming through the Spiritual Unification Ministry of Friend eric maya joy, a released Friend from Olympia Meeting, a group of Friends from eight monthly meetings has been gathering to name a concern rising among us. Drawing inspiration from a minute currently being seasoned by Quaker Earthcare Witness, we have drafted a minute for the yearly meeting’s consideration. We present it today with queries and suggestions for how our monthly meetings might explore what Truth it holds for them.

We recognize that the Light pervades creation: shines not just in humans, but in all other beings, and the spaces around us all. We bear witness to the continuing revelation coming through the living world. As we see our place in the web of relationships that make up creation, we release any sense of domination. We act to restore and maintain the relationships and processes that allow life on Earth to thrive.

We invite you to explore with your monthly meetings how we answer “that of God” in the living world. We suggest having a program with your meeting that might include:

  • Worship sharing / discussion about the minute
  • An experience of worship with an other-than-human being and sharing about what that experience was like
  • Worship sharing with some of the following queries:

• How are the seeds of ecological destruction embodied in our lifestyles?
• Which social and spiritual relationships are at risk?
• What does it mean to your spiritual journey to have continuing revelation come through the living world?
• What role does domination play in your life? How will releasing this sense change how you live?

Some of us from this group are happy to facilitate a program second hour at your meeting on this subject. In this time of virtual meeting, this can be very easy to do! Please get in touch with Mary Ann Percy to make arrangements.

Anna Fritz - Multnomah MM, Maia Ostrom - Agate Passage FM, Lucretia Humphrey - MGOF, Mary Ann Percy - Bellingham MM, Jeff Smith, Jonathan Betz-Zall - UFM, Al Hendrix - Lower Columbia WG , eric maya joy - Olympia MM