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Racial Justice Minute

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[Came to unity at Meeting for Worship for Business August 2017]

This minute affirms the commitment of Multnomah Friends to live out the Quaker testimony of Equality for all people. While racism impacts many people in our community, we carry a special concern for those who are the descendants of African American people once enslaved as unpaid labor during the building of great wealth in the United States. While emancipated from slavery, few descendants have ever known economic well-being or freedom from racial injustice.

We recognize the impact of institutional racism on African Americans and we recognize that Friends are complicit in it. We seek to find ways that Friends can begin to tear down the walls of institutions that keep African Americans, and other people of color, from achieving equality and economic well-being, and then act upon our commitment.

The Divine Source is leading our meeting to face profound spiritual and moral questions, including that of white privilege and racism, beginning with the question, “Where is it in me?” White privilege is an invisible veil through which white people experience reality. We seek to come to deeper awareness of our privilege, and to discern actions for Friends to take that will change institutions that systemically oppress people of color.

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