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Current Meeting Publications (Public Versions)

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The Multnomah Friends Meeting Newsletter is published every other month and includes news, articles and items of interest by and about Friends in general, our Meeting in particular, and topics of broader interest to Quakers and our community.

The monthly Noticeboard contains a listing of regular and occasional events and activities for the Meeting community for the full upcoming month.

The Weekly Bulletin is a more detailed and current listing of time-sensitive announcements and activities for the upcoming week.

Current Issues

What's the Difference Between the Public and Private Versions?

You can get to the public versions here on our website without signing up for email lists or a Quaker Cloud account. In the public versions, personal email addresses have been protected for online privacy reasons. You can find email addresses of members of our community in your Meeting Directory, or you can contact the Hearthkeeper if you want contact information for someone not in the directory.  

The private versions are emailed to anyone who has requested to be added to our email list (see below). You may also sign up for access to the private, complete versions of these publications on our website, available through the link above on the right.

Want to Receive Our Publications?

If you would like to receive our publications in your email, contact our Hearthkeeper at with your request, and they will be happy to add you to our mailing list.

Submitting Items to Our Publications

  • To submit items to the Bulletin, email them to our Hearthkeeper at no later than Wednesday evening.
  • To submit items to the Noticeboard, email them to our Hearthkeeper at at least three days before the end of the month.
  • To submit items to the Newsletter, email them to our newsletter editor at by the 20th of the preceding month.
  • For all publications, you can also mail submissions to the Meetinghouse at 4312 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR  97215.


Full Private Versions

If you have registered your FGC/Quaker Cloud account with our Meeting, click the links below for the full private versions.

Private Bulletins
Private Newsletters