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Financial Ways to Support the Life of the Meeting

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Funding of Meeting activities (childcare, peace & social concerns, educational programs, social hour, library materials) and upkeep of our buildings (utilities, insurance, repairs, and maintenance) come from contributions from members & attenders. Multnomah Monthly Meeting is a 501(c)(3) organization and accepts charitable contributions of all sizes. The Tax ID number of Multnomah Monthly Meeting is 93-0815614. 

There are several ways you can provide financial support for the life of the Meeting:

  • Make a direct contribution
    1. Cash or check donations  These can be placed in contribution boxes in Meetinghouse or sent via US mail to Treasurer, Multnomah Monthly Meeting, 4312 SE Stark St., Portland, OR 97215.

    2. Monthly Automatic donation from checking account (ACH) using an ACH form  (available here and also available by contribution boxes). 

    3. Paypal donation. Send to

    4. Get an employer match for your donations. Here is a partial list of employers that will match, double or triple your contribution to MMM.  Some also make matches for their retirees. 

  • Sign up for Reward programs that benefit MMM
    1. Amazon Smile - information here

    2. Fred Meyer Rewards - information here

  • Make a stock donation 
    • Account: Fidelity Investments
    • Account number: Z47-985134, DTC# 0226 (this is “ACAT eligible” if your broker asks) 
    • Address: P.O. Box 770001
    • Cincinnati, Ohio 45277-0003
    • Phone: Voicemail: 800-544-5555
    • Customer Service: 800-544-6666
    • Note:  If you are planning to make a donation of stock, please email us at BEFORE YOU MAKE A DONATION so that we can look for your donation and match it to you for tracking purposes.  
  • Be a short term financer of the Immigration Fund of other efforts. If Treasurer is unable to prepare a check as quickly as needed, we sometimes need folks to pay for an expense up front and seek reimbursement from the Meeting. If you could make a payment of up to $2500 and seek reimbursement afterwards, let the Immigration Committee know.  

Thank you!