Multnomah Friends Meeting

Who we are....

Multnomah Friends meeting, a Quaker spiritual community, welcomes all.

Like all Quakers, we call ourselves “Friends”; we are formally known as the “Religious Society of Friends.”

We value our “radical diversity.”  Our core belief is that the Divine Spirit is accessible to all. Most Friends are Christians, but many are not. We come to Friends from many faith traditions. Most of us began our spiritual journeys in some other tradition or no tradition at all.

We call our gathering place a Meetinghouse.  Striving for simplicity, our place of worship is plain. We sit together in a circle or rectangle.  Recognizing that the Divine Spirit is accessible to all, we gather without reliance on formal creeds, sacraments or clergy. Our worship is grounded in silence.  All present are free to speak “out of the silence” if they are genuinely moved to do so. Spoken ministry should be for the others gathered as well as for the speaker.

The community gathers in a monthly Meeting for Worship for Business to consider together what actions we might take.  We do this recognizing that the Divine Spirit is present to guide us to decisions which are appropriate for this community at this time.

Individually we each strive to live in the “Light of the Spirit” which leads us to lives based in simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality. These are our testimonies and we find that in trying to live up to them, our lives are changed.

What's New

A Resource Packet from Multnomah Monthly Meeting's ad-hoc Committee for Gender Concern.  (


We are to be reviewing the new Faith and Practice as a meeting prior to approval at this year's Annual Session.  Please read it here:


Dear Friend,

Due to the ongoing road conditions presenting difficulty in getting to the Meetinghouse for many, we have decided to postpone Meeting for Worship for Business and Potluck for this coming Sunday, 1/15.
January's Meeting for Worship for Business and Potluck will be on the following Sunday, 1/22.
Early Morning Worship at 8:15 am and Meeting for Worship at 10:00 am will still be held for those who are able to travel safely to the meetinghouse.


This is a handout from a presentation to Junior Friends about the issues of war, militarism, and Conscientious Objection.  I have a web


Minute of Support for Standing Rock Sioux

Multnomah Friends Meeting (Quakers) in Portland, Oregon thanks the Standing Rock Sioux for bringing together tribes and peoples from across the country and around the world to protect water.  We know that water is life and that water, like spirit, connects all living things.

We join our voices with those who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline because expanding fossil fuel use will accelerate climate change and further damage our planet.


See the attached flier for details about a series of free weekend workshops for the Alternatives to Violence Project, in January, April, and May.


Worship with us!

(503) 232-2822
Multnomah Friends Meeting
4312 S.E. Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215
United States
Meeting Times: 

Early Worship: Sunday 8:15-9:30

Sunday Morning Adult Discussion: Sunday 8:15 - 9:45 am

Regular Meeting: Sunday 10:00 - 11:15 am

First Day (Sunday) School & Day Care: Sunday 10:15 - 11:15 am

Social Hour: 11:15 - 12 Noon

Business Meeting: 3rd Sunday of the month, 12:15 pm

Bible Study: Monday 7 - 8 am

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