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Adult Ed August 29 & Sept. 12th: Exploring Spiritual Gifts – Sharing Stories

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Do you know what abilities are considered spiritual gifts? Have you had experiences that others have named as gifts, or experiences that you cannot explain in another way?

This coming Sunday, August 29th, we will discuss the information shared here , then share questions and stories.

In a future second hour, September 12th,  we will discuss using discernment tools to name spiritual gifts in ourselves and others. Two such tools are also located on this post. After the 29th, I encourage Friends to make copies of one or another of the tools, and fill it out for yourselves. Then perhaps ask two or three other people that know you well to do it for you also. I think this will be very helpful for all of us!

Please join us in this interesting exploration!

Note: many thanks to Allison for the resources and encouragement.