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Adult Ed - June 20 - Ask a Quaker

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As Quakers, we embrace the connection we can foster with the divine through silent worship. But the centrality of silence in Quaker practice can sometimes mean we do not have as many opportunities to communicate about the basics of our faith as many other worshippers do. This Sunday, June 20, 2021, after Meeting for Worship, we will have an "Ask a Quaker" session, in which anyone can raise any questions they have about Quakerism and hear responses from members of the Meeting. What are the core theological commitments of Quakerism? Is Quakerism consistent with other, non-Quaker belief systems? How does one live the Quaker testimony of Peace in a complicated world in which systems of coercion do not always bear the superficial imprint of overt violence? Why were early Quakers so concerned about hat etiquette? Our questions may not all have easy or universally accepted answers, but we will try to respond to them or any other questions that Friends may raise as best as we can.
If you would like to submit a question ahead of time, you can do so--anonymously if you would like--by sending an email to You can also raise any questions there. We hope to see you!
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