Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends
"Walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone." - George Fox

Who we are

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We are a non-pastoral meeting affiliated with Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Friends General Conference. We worship in quiet waiting upon the Lord, during which anyone who is led by the Spirit to speak is welcome to speak as led. We come to worship neither planning to speak nor planning not to speak. 

Our testimony to the world is to:

  • Sustain a beloved community by making the Meeting organization and procedures a central part of our spiritual lives
  • Conduct our business and transactions in right order as led by the Spirit
  • Endeavor to treat all we meet as children of God and to participate in social action that brings about equality and justice for all
  • Witness to the power that takes away the occasion of war, working to remove conditions locally, nationally and internationally that are the root of war
  • Seek to simplify our lives so that possessions and objects do not distract us from doing God’s work
  • Seek to be responsible in the use and consumption of Earth’s resources
  • As part of living in truth, refrain from swearing oaths – instead we let our “yeas mean yea and our nays mean nay” and live as if we are always accountable to the Divine.

(This list of actions is excerpted from our statement of purpose, approved Fifth Day, Fifth Month, 2004)