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Local Groups we Support

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Listed below are links to several of the local groups that the Meeting, members, and/or attenders support in a variety of ways.
Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War (CJCAEW) - CJCAEW is committed to the struggle against the endless, unjust wars waged by the United States, which destroy civil liberties, kill soldiers and civilians, and hugely benefit ‘defense’ contractors and other war profiteers at the expense of the working people of the world.
Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) - CFPA is a grassroots citizens organization which brings together people of all ages, backgrounds, professions, and political persuasions in support of three goals: global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy, and a halt to weapons trafficking at home and abroad.
Elijah's Promise - Elijah's Promise Community Soup Kitchen in New Brunswick serves almost 300 meals a day and over 100,000 meals a year to individuals who would otherwise go hungry. All who come through their doors are served.
GreenFaith  - GreenFaith inspires, educates, organizes, and mobilizes people of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds globally for environmental action. Their work is based on beliefs shared by the world’s religious and spiritual traditions. They believe that protecting the Earth is a sacred act, and that environmental stewardship is a moral responsibility.
Interfaith RISE - Interfaith-RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Services & Empowerment) is a multi-faith, multi-congregational, multi-racial organization committed to welcoming the stranger in central New Jersey.
NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition - The NJ Universal Health Care Coalition exists to do two things: (1) provide information and educational materials about Medicare for All to NJ residents; and (2) develop and build support for legislation at both the federal and state levels that we believe will best advance implementation of a federal single payer system.

Periodically we collect items to support the following groups:

First Friends of NJ and NY

St. Vincent de Paul's Food Pantry

Ronald McDonald House