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How We Worship

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At a Meeting for Worship we gather in silence - to listen and to wait while seeking divine guidance and understanding. Ministry is the work of all those gathered, without paid clergy, dogma, icons or liturgy. We may participate in the Divine Presence silently or we may feel moved to give vocal ministry/a message inspired by God. 

This video on "Quakers and the Inner Light" from QuakerSpeak may be helpful.

There are many ways to contribute to the wonder and power of Quaker Worship. Below are guidelines for you to consider while you worship with us.

Be Present

Attending regularly, arriving on time and turing off cellphones are all wonderful gifts to all those present. 
If you are late to the 10:30 Sunday worship, enter the library to wait there until the connecting door is opened.


To the Spirit at work in the meeting. Seek your place there. The silence will open to you and often the most important ministry is wordless.

Vocal Ministry

Comes from God out of the collective silent worship. It is an opening from the Spirit with meaning beyond self. It is not a reaction or debate. Refrain from preparing a message in advance of worship time.

Give Thanks 

For the hour spent in the presence of God and among Friends. Welcome those around you with your handshake when the hour ends.

Take part

In fellowship and other Meeting activities.


Deepens as you come to love the community with whom you worship.

Published by the Worship Committee of Princeton Quaker Meeting in 2012


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