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Diversity of Beliefs:

We, of New Haven Friends Meeting, welcome all seekers of God who can accept the ways of Friends. We continually seek God and Truth with humility and, sometimes, even doubt. Friends find God’s message in the teachings of many religions, and through different sources, including writings and verbal communications, as well as by direct personal experience.

We find great joy in the diversity of members and attenders of New Haven Friends Meeting. For some, Jesus is a living presence in their daily lives; for others, the life and teachings of Jesus are important as examples with a range of interpretations. Differences among our members in theological traditions and beliefs are respected and valued.

We believe that there is that of God in everyone, that God is present and still speaking to us today, and that each of us is capable of making direct contact with the living God.  To learn more about Friends' beliefs and practices, read our handbook "Wading Deeper in the Ocean of Light on this website.

Meeting for Worship:

We offer a Meeting for Worship on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 am. It is a silent (or unprogrammed) meeting – we sit in silent waiting on the Spirit until someone is moved to speak.  For more, see How We Worship.”  During the school year, children and families gather for a family circle with song and stories at 10:15, and then children can go downstairs for their own program.

Meeting for Business:

On the 3rd Sunday of the month, after worshiping for 15 minutes, we hold our Monthly Meeting for Business.  All are welcome to attend and participate.  Friends Meeting for Business operates differently from most business meetings. The principle on which we operate is that God does indeed have a will for us, that God is actively trying to communicate that will, and that we are capable, through corporate prayer, to discover that will. There are no motions, seconds, amendments or votes in our process of collective decision-making. A sign that we have achieved our goal of discerning God’s will is the experience of unity which is recognized and affirmed by those gathered. The Clerk takes leadership in identifying when the group has reached unity, and the Recording Clerk records the decision as a minute.

 Pastoral Care:

We do not have an individual pastor.  All Friends minister to and care for one another.  We have a Ministry and Counsel (M&C) Committee with the responsibility to identify Friends who may need special care and or support in reaching clearness about important life decisions.  M&C assists in organizing Friends to provide pastoral care to any in our community who are in need.


Our Meeting was founded in 1935 and worshipped in Connecticut Hall on the Yale Campus for most of our first 60 years.  We built our meetinghouse and began occupying it in 1995.


Like any religious organization, we have expenses.  We maintain a building and property, we have operating expenses, and we give at least 10% of our donations to support worthy organizations or individual leadings for social or environmental action. 

If you want to make a tax deductible contribution to Meeting, you can leave money or a check, made out to: New Haven Friends Meeting, in the "Friendly Gifts Box” on the table inside the front door of the Meeting Room. No one will ask you directly for a financial contribution or pass a collection plate. Any donation, financial or of time and work, is always appreciated. 

New Haven Friends Meeting is entirely dependent on financial contributions from people like you. Please consider what your experience here means to you and give as you are able