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Announcements and news January 2020

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We mark the passing of David Cardall who had been struggling with cancer and wasstaying with his sister in PA.  A memorial service will be planned for the spring.

Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business is held at 9AM on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  19 January.  Friends are encourages to attend and to particiapte in both the worship and the decision making. 

Friends are reminded that fellowship over soup or other food depends upon people signing up to provide something after a future meeting. The signup sheet is in the kitchen.

Ministry and counsel committee members are available to anyone with questions about Quakerism or their own spiritual condition. If you are not sure if you are visitor, attender, or member, they can help you discern the answer.

Midweek worship takes place Thursday at 6:30. Friends are also invited to share a simple meal which is provided at 6:00, and to linger for spiritual conversation after worship. Childcare is provided.

The Powell House subscription for our meeting has been renewed, which pays for one person to attend most events throughout the year. Please review the list of events in the library and let the clerk know if you are interested in attending one.


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