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2023 Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session

Northern Yearly Meeting is again meeting in-person after a three-year absence!  The annual regional gathering of Quakers will meet at a beautiful modern camp in the woods of northern WI, May 26-29.  We gather together to make decisions about self-governance and our efforts in the wider world, but also to enjoy the company of kindred souls, to share stories about our spiritual lives, and deepen our connections to the Divine. 

You will find more Zoom links, schedules, reports, business agenda and accompanying documents on the NYM Sessions website here: Password: quaker2023

This year's theme: Getting to Where I’m Supposed to Be: Pruning Before Growth

How can we release what we don’t need to carry any longer? Many Quakers feel overcommitted.  There are many problems we’d like to fix.  Cutting  back can lead to a focus on what we are really called to do. How can we center on our passions both as individuals and meetings so they are not frittered away by trying to do everything?  NYM 2023 will focus on releasing, renewing our spirits, and rebirth where we are most led.  The weekend will reflect this theme in the plenary and small discussion groups.

Never been to NYM Annual Session?
To learn more about this popular Quaker-filled weekend, click HERE 

Details for the 2023 Annual Session are in the PDF (also below)!

NOTE: These portions of Annual Session will happen online the Sunday before the gathering at Lions Camp. Click the links for details:

Other changes for 2023 include:

  • business meeting time reduced,
  • Zoom hybrid option for business meetings,
  • small groups for all adults to explore the theme,
  • parent discussions about raising Quaker kids,
  • no large-group programs in the evenings,
  • more free time.

Kids and grandkids are generally enchanted by the magic of campfires, boating, swimming, lively games, and programs where they learn to treat each other respectfully while having fun and living out Quaker values. Teens hold their own business meeting to make decisions and rules, and friendships often develop as they share both serious and frivolous time together.

Young Adult Friends share a cabin and meeting place, and organize themselves as they see fit.

Cost is never a reason to stay away, as there are inexpensive food and sleeping options, as well as generous scholarships.

Registration is via a link in the brochure. Click HERE to download a copy of the brochure.

Annual Session COVID protocol:   As infection rates in most of MN and WI are currently low, we are not requiring tests or masking, although of course mask wearing is welcome.   You can check the infection rate in your county through links below and might consider testing if your county has a high rate.  If you have been exposed or have any potential covid-like symptoms, please test prior to coming to camp to maintain your and everyone else’s safety and comfort.  If you test positive, please follow the current Covid-safety recommendations.   At camp, please test if feeling ill and wear a mask if you are experiencing sniffles or cough.   Bring masks and Covid tests if you can. Some tests and masks will be available onsite.    This protocol may be altered if the Covid situation changes significantly before May 21, 2023.   

Friday, May 26, 2023 - 5:00pm to Monday, May 29, 2023 - 1:00pm
Wisconsin Lions Camp
3834 County Rd A
Rosholot, WI 54473
United States
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