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Financial Matters

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Finance Committee

NYM’s Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the yearly meeting’s finances, with input from the meeting as a whole. The committee prepares an annual budget, reviews actual income and expenses, discerns best practices, and carries out its duties based on approved NYM financial policies and procedures.

The Finance Committee is nominated by NYM Nominating Committee and approved at NYM Meeting for Business, and includes the NYM Treasurer as an ex-officio member.

The Treasurer processes payments and reimbursement requests, keeps financial records and presents financial reports to Meetings for Business.

Reimbursement Requests

Expenses to be reimbursed must be approved by the appropriate convener before submitting to the Treasurer. The link on this page will take you to detailed instructions and an expense voucher form that you can use. The Treasurer's address is listed in the NYM Clerk and Committee Roster, which you can see if you are logged in as an NYM site member. Or email treasurer@northernyearlymeeting.orgHow to log in


The budget process for the following year begins in January of the prior year. Requests for planned expenses are sent to each committee clerk and others who have input to various spending items. A preliminary budget is presented to the spring interim session for feedback. The proposed budget is presented to the annual session body for approval.

Changes may be requested to fund unplanned or new developments at any time. Any such changes are sent to the clerk of finance. If the change is substantive, the clerk will bring the item up at the next interim session. If it is small, the clerk will provide immediate guidance.

Meeting and Worship Group Contributions

NYM’s expenses are covered largely by the contributions from each of our meetings and worship groups. Suggested amounts are based on the number of adult members or active attenders, with consideration to the financial resources of each entity.

Additional Contributions

Additional contributions are welcome, and can be sent to NYM, c/o Madison Friends Meeting, 1704 Roberts Court, Madison, WI 53711.