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Get involved in NYM anti-racism work

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If you are interested in any of these options, or would like to have a conversation about them, please contact Shel Gross at [email protected]; 608-250-4368.

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Join the Anti-Racism Working Group

Help guide NYM’s efforts to become an anti-racist faith community. The small group of folks who were part of the working group welcome additional and diverse perspectives to further our work. We anticipate meeting monthly over the coming year.

Participate in the Anti-Racism Discussion Group

In June we will begin a monthly series of discussion groups. Participants will be asked to view, read or listen to something online or provided to group members and then come together for a discussion. This will be designed to serve as an introduction to institutionalized racism to provide a stronger grounding for our work.

Participate in the Spiritual Deepening eRetreat: Understanding & Healing White Supremacy

This eRetreat offers participants the opportunity to develop their understanding of what racism, white supremacy, and white privilege are, and how they are embedded in our society, Quaker meetings, and lives.  You will gain knowledge of historical and current realities of racial oppression in the United States and explore how Quaker faith and practice can provide grounding, tools, and fire for our work against racial injustice.  You will explore how Spirit is calling you to action for racial justice while gaining tools for identifying and disrupting racism, white privilege, and white supremacy. The eRetreat is facilitated by FGC contracted faculty and lasts 4-6 weeks.

While eRetreats are open to anyone around the country, if we have about 20 interested individuals we may be able to create an eRetreat for just people representing NYM. This will allow us to develop a strong core group to help support our efforts to become an anti-racist faith community. The content and format will be the same as described above.

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