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NYM Journal Vol 5:1 Summer-Fall 2023

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This issue features epistles from around the world, written by young and old. 


  • Northern Yearly Meeting Epistle
  • Baltimore Yearly Meeting Epistle
  • Aunt Ella’s Front Porch
  • An Urgent Call to the Religious Society of Friends
  • Epistle of the Yearly Meeting of Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Hāhi Tūhauwiri
  • Epistle from the FWCC Europe and Middle East Section
  • In the Blink of an Eye
  • Two Way Bridges
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistle
  • Southeastern Yearly Meeting Epistle
  • Moments of Awe
  • L’expérience Taizé
  • Visual Poetry
  • NYM Journal Editor Needed