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NYM Zoom scheduling calendar

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The NYM Zoom account is meant for NYM committees and others to hold meetings with each other online by videoconference and/or phone.

If you belong to a larger meeting that has its own account or is able to purchase one, please use it if you can, and leave the NYM account for NYM business or smaller meeting needs.

View the calendar here to find available times for Zoom Meetings

Check for availability, then contact to reserve a meeting time and get login information and instructions.

Settings (unless otherwise requested):

  • Everyone has the option to join online by computer, tablet, smartphone (video and audio available) or dial in with any telephone (audio only).
  • Participants may join before the meeting host arrives.
  • Participants will NOT be muted on entry. 
  • You will not be able to mute/unmute participants. They can mute/unmute themselves using *6 from a phone, or by clicking the microphone icon or Mute/Unmute online. if you are having a large meeting and need this option, please let us know and we will get you the host credentials.
  • Your meeting will not be public unless requested - you determine who will have access to the link and Meeting ID, which is distinct for each meeting. There are additional options for confidential meetings.
  • Meetings can be recurring on request, in which case you can use the same link each time.